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Driveway Cleaning

Our driveway cleaning service is time efficient and cost effective, using our professional equipment to clean drives thoroughly, in between bricks, slabs, and concrete we ensure to get rid of all dirt and unwanted weed and plants.

driveway sealing

Sealing a drive is a long term solution to ensuring that all the unwanted greenery does not grow, instead of having to cut and tear through the moss and weed continuously. We provide an effective service we ensure the highest quality of driveway sealing and take your needs seriously and consider all your issues.


driveway repairs

Driveway repairs can be a headache as doing the work requires moving vehicles and other things such as getting rid of extra gravel that may be lying on top or the matter of the driveway becoming dirtier after the job. Which is why we repair and also ensure the job is done and your drive left clean. We repair almost any problem you may have with your drive, whether its holes or greenery and even broken concrete.



Firstly, we would carry out a visual roof survey and undertake a risk assessment to ensure all health and safety is followed. 
Once we are happy and all health and safety has been covered, our fully trained technicians will carry out a full roof inspection and check for any loose or cracked tiles before going ahead with the pressure washing. We will also protect your downpipes before getting started and empty all debris from your gutters once we have finished.

Our Pressure washers have pressure controls to suit the different surfaces being cleaned. We would set the lance up to the correct pressure and water flow. Rest assured pressure washing does not damage the roof tiles which is one of the main reasons why we set our machinery to the correct pressure ensuring there is no danger of too much pressure being used resulting in damage to the tile surface.


Once the tiles have been pressure washed, we apply an Anti-Fungal treatment to prevent any regrowth for a considerable amount of time plus all of your gutters will be cleared of any debris from the roof.


UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride)

UPVC Cleaning

We don’t like the sight of grimy windows and doors and were sure you don’t either. We provide a full in-depth clean of all your UPVC and ensure it will look as good as new when done. Using our industry-standard equipment, we ensure we use friendly chemicals and adhere to health and safety.


Visuals create the first impression of any impression, and we understand how much happiness a brand new looking house can bring to the homeowner, but buying a brand new house is not always an option, having UPVC installed can create a new look to your house and leave it looking fresh.

We install UPVC and can work with any size and shape regardless, we offer our expert advice and furthermore take your opinions on board as the centre of focus to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. 




Being experts in landscaping, we do a variety of services which can turn your dream into a reality, having 10+ years of experience, our crafting nature allows us to build, reconstruct and add features to your project, ensuring an overall quality finish. 

We cover : 

– Gardening & Artificial Grass

– Fencing & Decking

– Slabbing & Brickwork

– Ornaments & Stone / Floral Features


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